"A lovely smoked tea, full of richness"

The observation of the dry leaves assures us that we are in the presence of a very good quality red tea. After infusion, the olfactory notes are clearly dominated by smoky notes, but the gourmet and fruity notes typical of these beautiful Japanese teas are present and we are sure to taste a very balanced and finely elaborated tea. This is indeed the case: the pretty liqueur, round and rather sweet, produces rich and complex taste notes. The smoky notes admirably enhance the more complex and subtle notes of this beautifully crafted tea. An excellent moment of tasting, which can easily be enriched with a meal of sheep's cheese or brioches.

Shizuoka black tea from Mr Matsumoto's plantation. Mr Matsumoto is known for the extreme quality of his black teas and particularly those smoked with quality woods, such as whiskey barrels and Japanese cherry wood.

To obtain this quality, an excellent black tea is first produced, it is then smoked for 8 hours with the chosen wood. Mr Matsumoto assures that his teas are grown without the use of chemical pesticides.

Preparation this hot tea: Infuse 2g for 100ml of filtered water at 80 degrees for 3 minutes. Several infusions are possible.

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