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The Royal Thailand Project is a foundation created by the King of Thailand in the 1970s to eradicate opium production from tribes in the mountains of northern Thailand. The Royal Thai Project produces not only tea, but coffee, fruit, vegetables, flowers and nearly 200 new crops. All these cultures are produced by villagers with the help, education, and...
Wild Buds Wild Buds 2
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Wild Buds

White tea produced on the mountain of Pu Muen, in the region of Chiangrai, at about 1,200m of altitude. The production of this tea is very confidential, but very qualitative. The harvest is carried out in the spring, very early in the morning, when the buds seek moisture from the dew, which promotes the development of their down. The flavors are vanilla...
5 Colours White Tea Organic... 5 Colours White Tea Organic... 2
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5 Colours White Tea Organic Certified

This tea is produced in the village of Doi Pu Muen on the Burmese border with the local Assamica tea plants that grow in the village. They were planted in the 1970s with the help of the King of Thailand to allow tribes living in the north of the country to grow crops other than poppies. This tea is produced like a Pai Mu Tan, dried without rolling for...

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