Longjing First Flush

First harvest 2021 from Longjing. Harvested in Hangzhou in Zeijhang province. The producer of this tea claims that the production of this tea is carried out without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Longjing is the most famous Chinese green tea. It is aromatic but soft and velvety with round notes and nuts like almonds, hazelnuts. Infusion tips:...

WuLu Premium Organic Certified

Wulu is a green tea produced in the Zhejiang chinese province. The flavors are sweet, round, without bitterness. Infusion advice: 75 degrees, 2 to 3mns

Jasmine Yin Hao Organic Certified

Chinese spring green tea naturally flavored with jasmine flowers harvested in August. The process of contacting fresh flowers is repeated three times to obtain this very floral and vegetal tea.

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