Darjeeling Risheehat SF FTGFOP1 Certifié BIO

Second Flush 2019 from the Risheehat plantation in Darjeeling. Located 14km east of the city of Darjeeling, the Risheehat plantation is very famous for its Second Flush with characteristic muscatel aromas. Risheehat means the home of sacred saints.

Smoked Darjeeling Muscatel from Gopaldhara

Second harvest from the Gopaldhara plantation smoked with local woods. The flavors are typical of the second flush of darjeeling, muscatel flavors, red wines, and with a strong smoky flavor. Infusion advice: 80 degrees, 2 to 3mns Description of the Gopaldhara Tea Estate from their official website: Gopaldhara produces finest Darjeeling Tea is located in...

Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Black Certifié BIO

This very oxidized tea is Jun Chiyabari's answer to various breakfast teas such as Ceylon, Grand Yunnan, Assam, and other teas with power, tannin, body, perfect for waking up. The difference here is that it is the best in this style. It's fresh, full of golden buds, with a length in the mouth that will follow you for long minutes. Garden: Jun Chiyabari,...

Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Imperial Black Certifié BIO

Jun Chiyabari has produced a superb Chinese-style red tea here. Of a very handsome appearance, with long leaves and golden buds. The flavors are cocoa, chocolate, with an exceptional length in the mouth. Garden: Jun Chiyabari, Nepal  Division: Ramché, Bokré, Nigalé & Chulachuli  Elevation: 1850m on average  Harvest date: 15th September 2021  Harvest...

Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Royale Ruby Certifié BIO

Superb ruby-like tea. A very oxidized tea, made from the leaves of Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese strain tea plants that have been acclimatized to the terroir of Jun Chiyabari. True to the ruby taste, it is very fruity, with very pronounced flavors of cooked plums and blackcurrants. Garden: Jun Chiyabari, Nepal  Division: Ramché & Nigalé  Elevation:...

Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Moon Drops Certifié BIO

Oolong tea with a fairly strong oxidation. This tea has very flowery flavors, which can be compared to the best high mountain Taiwanese teas. The quality of the leaves is exceptional, Japanese and Taiwanese tea bushes were harvested to produce this tea. Garden: Jun Chiyabari, Nepal  Division: Ramché & Nigalé  Elevation: 1850m  Harvest date: 05th...

Jun Chiyabari Royale Hand Crafted Tips Certifié BIO

Exceptional tea of great rarity which is produced with a small plot of the Jun Chiyabari plantation in Ramché, which hosts the first tea trees planted in the plantation in the year 2000. These tea trees, which are few in number, are of Chinese origin from of seeds, their origin is not documented. They produce very small leaves that have a completely...

Shangrila White Organic Certified

White tea from the Shangrila plantation located high on the slopes of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal. A very generous, sweet tea, with brioche and floral notes reminiscent of Darjeeling. Our advice: 80 degrees, 3 to 4 minutes of infusion

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