" A quality, fresh and versatile sencha ". The dry leaves of this beautiful classic Japanese green tea are a very shiny green with shades more yellow for some. After the infusion, they give off powerful olfactory notes and engaging. The liquor is a beautiful green verging on yellow. A very slightly bitter flavor opens on frankly iodized and vegetal notes....

Sencha Yamano Ibuki 2022

An original and precious sencha umami " The leaves of this rare and precious tea are made up of very fine needles, of a sustained dark green. On the nose, the notes of the infused leaves are discreet, but suggest a tasting full of surprises. And in fact, for a sencha, we have a very umami tea, with a nice length in the mouth, supported by a subtle...

Osamu Matsumoto-Koushun 2022

An exceptional tea, with great taste richness "This Japanese tea consists of large shiny needles, very well made. The olfactory notes of the infused leaves are deep, vegetal, a little mineral, reminiscent of spinach or green beans. The liquor is a very beautiful pale yellow. A sweet flavor without bitterness opens with well-structured notes, evoking...

Temomi First Prize 5g

The Temomi is a 100% handcrafted sencha just like it used to be. Temomi are produced for two occasions, either demonstrations or competitions. The one we are proposing was produced by Yasuhiro Sumida, the younger brother of Yoshirou Sumida, the only Japanese to hold the title of Eternal Master of Temomicha. This tea obtained the first prize in the...


Flavors: Yuzu Ingredients: Spring Sencha from Makinohara Plateau in Japan and yuzu peel from Shikoku Island Preparation: 70 ° 1 to 2min Cold infusion: 1 tablespoon in 1.5L of Volvic or filtered water at room temperature. Immediately add ice cubes and let infuse for about 2 hours. Here is! it's ready to taste.

Sencha Benifuki Certified Organic

Sencha from the first harvest harvested from Benifuki tea plants. This cultivar offers teas high in EGCG Epi Gallo Catechine Gallate, powerful antioxidants beneficial to human health.

Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO

This Sencha tea is produced with a unique process which increases its content in GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), a molecule still unknown but which undeniably increases the human faculties of concentration and relaxation. Tastefully, this tea presents astonishing notes of cakes coming out of the oven, madeleines, mixed with the traditional vegetable...


Kabusecha is a tea produced with the leaves of tea plants which have been shaded ten days before their harvest. This technique makes it possible to accentuate the umami flavors, sweet and bitter. This one is a very good quality with a very present umami and a syrupy texture. Producer: Yaeyama Seicha. Altitude: 350-500m Location: Kirishima, Kagoshima...


" Un splendide Sencha, tout en subtilité "  L'observation des feuilles sèches, très fines et d’un vert particulièrement soutenu, promet une dégustation riche et profonde. Au nez, les feuilles infusées dégagent des notes puissantes et variées, du végétal cuit aux légumineuses, avec des impressions très gourmandes. La première infusion produit une liqueur...

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