Japan - Fukamushi Shincha - Organic Certified

It is one of the most popular tea in Japan, but not famous in Europe. It is a deep-steam tea, and the result is that a high proportion of leaves are broken. European might feel it is visually a low grade tea, but absolutely not, it is carefully made to produce a full-body very green, sweet and not bitter.

Japanese use a Kyusu style teapot to infuse Fukamushi and they will put 4g of leaves in 40cl of water at 80c. They leave it brew for 30 seconds then serve making sure the leaves are kind of moving in the teapot, not just stay in the bottom: This is the way it is made in Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJVzSniH8OA
However, you can also do it the european way, the result is good too.

Origin: Japan, Kagoshima, Kirishima

Preparation: 2g par 15cl, 80 degrés, 45 seconds

All our Japanese teas are imported by plane and kept in Europe in fridges at 4 degrees temperature, before being sent to our clients in a sealed doypack bag.

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