Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO
Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO
Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO
Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO
Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO
Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO

Sencha Gabalong - Certifié BIO

This Sencha tea is produced with a unique process which increases its content in GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), a molecule still unknown but which undeniably increases the human faculties of concentration and relaxation. Tastefully, this tea presents astonishing notes of cakes coming out of the oven, madeleines, mixed with the traditional vegetable flavors of the Sencha.

Amount of Gaba in tea: 154mg/100g

Tea Estate: Kawane tea garden Place: Itasawa, Kakegawa, Shizuoka.
Since: 1933

Organic Gabalong tea is produced in Kakegawa. We are using organic leaves tea from fields situated in the mountain valley of Kawane, now famous for Shizuoka Matcha production.

Gaba“stands for gamma-amino acid and „long“ is derived from Oolong
Gabalong green tea was developed in Japan 1984 as a special health tea able to reduces blood pressure. The tea has an extremely high content of the special amino acid GABA.

Processing: Early in the morning, the fresh tea leaves are plucked in the beautiful mountain of Kawane, while admiring sometimes sea fog below tea field. The leaves are then transport in a special container able to blow air to cooling the leaves until the tea reach the factory in the bottom of valley.

After harvesting, the fresh leaves will receive a cooling withering treatment for 6 hours and place into nitrogen fermentation chamber.
Oxygen will be completely removed and replaced by Nitrogen gaz during 12hours.
This special anaerobic (oxygen-free) condition of fermentation will permit to increase the amount of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) accumulated in leaves, without changing others component amount such as catechin and caffein.

Fermented leaves are then removed form the container and process as normal sencha tea in the aracha production line of the factory.

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