Superb Taiwanese Oolong produced with the Chin-Shin cultivar in spring 2023. The flavors are very floral, white lilac type flowers, very persistent. The texture is velvety, with light buttery notes, reminiscent of the best authentic "milky" oolongs from Taiwan. You will appreciate this very long-lasting tea which can be infused many times. Also, it is an organic certified tea, which is a rarity for the island of Taiwan.

Cultivar: Chin-Shin

Region: Greater Wenshan Area, Taipei, North Taiwan

Altitude: 600-700m

Tea master: Tea Master Su

Infusion: We recommend brewing this tea in Gong Fu Cha, with a large amount of tea for little water. Use a small teapot of 20 to 30cl, and 5 to 8g of leaves, the first infusion can be 40 seconds, the following 20 seconds.

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  • 500g
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