" A beautiful first harvest green tea from the Royal Project plantation of

Thailand at 1400m altitude, simple and attractive ".

The leaves of this original tea are large and little manufactured. The infused leaves give off notes of classic cooked vegetables, with a fairly present gourmet impression. The liquor is of beautiful rather sustained ocher yellow. On the palate, the liquor is round and silky. A very light flavor sweet opens with notes of great sweetness. There are a few cooked vegetables (as expected !) but also dried fruits and a slightly lemony last impression. A nice length in the mouth complete.

Producer: Royal Project Foundation of Thailand. Doi Angkhang Experimental Station, certified Organic Thailand.

Altitude: 1400m

Location: Doi Angkhang, near Fang city, Thailand

Cultivar: 100% Ruanzhi, TTES #17. This Taiwanese cultivar, whose name means “flexible stem”, has a very high reputation in Thailand for producing sweet and orchid flavored teas. It is quite little productive, about 20% less harvest than Jinxuan, another cultivar planted in Thailand. Method of manufacture: The leaves are harvested by hand and then withered for 4 or 5 hours. Then the leaves are rolled up. There is no oxidation period, the leaves are immediately heated in the oven after rolling.

Harvest date: May 11, 2022

Garden management: Doi Angkhang plantation was planted in the year 2000, with 80% Jinxuan, and 20% Ruanzhi. The plantation is 10 hectares, and produces around 10 tons per year. The plantation is certified “Organic Thailand”, the plantation is audited each year to confirm that no pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used. The plantation has the particularity of being divided into 60 plots, each dedicated to a family from the surrounding villages. Farmers have to look after each of their plot throughout the year. The planting of Doi Angkhang is experimental, new cultures are tried, new types of teas produced, so that these techniques and know-how is passed on to other farmers in Thailand.

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