Chinese Name: 玉山烏龍茶

Producer: Mr. Chen Rong Ji, roasted by Yu Wen

Altitude: 1400m

Location: Xin Yi Township, Nantou County

Cultivar: Chin Xin which literally means green heart is a very common cultivar for teas High altitude Taiwanese. It develops powerful aromas of white flowers.

Roast level: 2

Oxidation level: 10-15%

A word from our contact in Taiwan: Xin Yi village is the Original village. Mr. Chen had a Chance moving to Xinyi and becoming a resident in the Xin Yi Village. He is located just at the bottom of the Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) the highest mountain in Taiwan. Mr. Chen owns over 10 ha. of the tea garden. Hey cultivate different crops in his garden . In order to offer most nature product and protect the original mother land, Mr. Chen and his family is working hard to offer most nature product to the tea lovers.

Garden management: Mr Chen's teas are known for their high purity. This production was laboratory tested on a total of more than 500 pesticides, the test result is immaculate.

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