" A rare and gourmet black tea "

The beautiful well oxidized leaves of this black tea promise us a tasting full of pleasure. The infused leaves produce rich notes of wood and spice. The liquor is a beautiful deep brown and regular. In the mouth, we find a very pleasant tea, rich and capable of a good length in the mouth. The liquor is silky and the flavor finely acidic. The notes are well wooded and spicy, with a touch of citrus and mineral. The general impression is excellent and we will drink this tea with a lot of pleasure, alone or to accompany sweet or chocolate dishes. Pure indulgence!

Nom Chinois: 台灣三峽蜜香紅茶

Producteur: Mr Lee

Altitude: 300-600m

Localité: San Xia New Taipei City

Cultivar: Chin Xin Gan Zhi. C'est un cultivar qui est souvent utilisé pour la production des beauté orientale et qui a naturellement des saveurs rondes et miellées.

Niveau de torrefaction: 0

Niveau d'oxydation: 90%

Un mot de notre contact à Taiwan: The leaves are collected from over 200 growers and are processed in Mr. Lee 's factory. Picking style in San Xia arera is a little bit diffefrent from other places, where growers pick leaves every 10-14 days. Only the young bud is harvested and sold to Mr Lee. The bigger leaves are sold to bigger factories to produce lower grade teas. According to the fresh leaves condition Mr Lee sort the leaves and decides what type of tea he is going to make such as green tea, Black Tea or Lung Jing Tea.

Date de récolte: May 2022

Gestion du jardin: Les thés de Mr Lee sont connus pour leur grande pureté. Cette production a été testée en laboratoire sur un total de plus de 500 pesticides, le resultat du test est immaculé.

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