Butterfly pea flower, or butterfly pea in English, produced in Sri Lanka. Unlike our Thai Butterfly Pea, also available, this one contains the calyx, the green part of very young leaves which protects the flower.

Butterfly Pea Flower, also known as Butterfly Pea Flower or Clitoria ternatea, is an edible flower native to Southeast Asia and India. This flower is deep blue-purple in color and has medicinal and culinary properties.

Butterfly Pea flowers are often used to make tea, soft drinks, desserts, ice creams and sauces. The natural blue color of the flower gives a natural tint to the culinary preparation in which it is used.

In addition to its culinary use, the Butterfly Pea flower is also used in traditional medicine to treat various conditions, such as headaches, menstrual pain, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. The natural pigments in the flower also contain antioxidants and flavonoids which have health-promoting properties.

In summary, the Butterfly Pea flower is an edible flower native to Southeast Asia and India, which is often used to make tea and refreshing drinks, as well as in cooking to color foods. It also has medicinal properties and is used in traditional medicine to treat various conditions.

Butterfly pea flowers have a strong coloring power, and strong antioxidant properties which particularly help with eye problems, such as conjunctivitis.

It is possible to add a few drops of lemon, this acidic liquid will change the liquor into a sparkling purple pink!!

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