Gopaldhara Nectar of Darjeeling – First Flush 2022

First harvest in 2022 of the best mountain tea trees from the Gopaldhara plantation. This tea is produced with the best Chinese tea trees planted around 2000 meters in the plantation. Gopaldhara produces some of the best teas in Darjeeling thanks to the high altitude of their plantation. This tea is one of their very best so if you are a fan of the unique...

Gopaldhara Classic – First Flush 2022

First harvest in 2022 of the first tea trees planted on the plantation by the English. A First Flush Darjeeling more rustic than our 2 other First Flushes but excellent value for money, you will not be disappointed. Description of the Gopaldhara Tea Estate from their official website: Gopaldhara produces finest Darjeeling Tea is located in Mirik Valley,...

Steinthal Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 EX1/21 – First Flush 2021

First harvest from the Steinthal plantation in Darjeeling. It is one of the very best production of this plantation, this is indicated in the grade of tea with the grade EX1 / 21 which describes an exceptional production of the year 2021. The flavors are very frank, springy, with floral aromas. Tips: 80 degrees, 2mins

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