Thailand - Royal Project's Green Tea

This tea was harvested in the tea plantation of Doi Angkhan, in the northern Thai Mountains, at the border with Burma. An excellent green tea, complex but accessible, with mineral aromas. Can be re-infused several times.

Origin: Doi Angkhang, Nord-Thaïlande

Cultivar: Jinxuan

Preparation: 2g par 10cl, 90 degrés, 4 minutes

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The Royal Project Foundation was created in the 70's by His Majesty The King Of Thailand. the goal was to eradicate opium production and integrating socio-economically the various Hill-Tribes exiled in the moutons of North-Thailand, the Lisu, Lahu, Hmong and Karens most notably. Today, hundreds of new high-value crops have replaced opium, exotic fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, passion-fruits, advocates, but also Arabica coffee and world-class teas.

This green tea was produced in the main Royal Project's station, secluded at 1,500 metres ASL, near the burmese border. This tea is certified organic "Organic Thailand"

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