" An exceptional blue-green tea with unforgettable qualities "

The dry, rolled and very green leaves remind us that we are dealing here with a blue-green tea very little oxidization, a guarantee of vegetal and gourmet notes. And the olfactory notes confirm it: this tea promises a complex and very rich tasting. The flavor is sweet and based on a liquor of a fairly bright yellow. The tasting keeps all its promises: there are notes of white flowers, slightly vanilla and greedy, almost buttery. A detour through yellow fruits and a general impression of a great franchise end up seducing and leads straight to multiples infusions, each of which will reveal different aspects of this truly splendid tea!

Chinese Name: 黎山烏龍茶(自然農法)

Producer: Mr Wen Yu Jin

Altitude: 1600-1700m

Location: Cui Fong, Nantou County

Cultivar: Chin Xin which literally means green heart is a very common cultivar for teas High altitude Taiwanese. It develops powerful aromas of white flowers.

Roast level: 0

Oxidation level: 10-15%

A word from our contact in Taiwan: Mr. Wen is from the Capital City in Taipei, he invested in a tea garden with a friend. Due to some reason that his friend could not fully take care of the garden, Mr. Wen took over and produces his own tea his every harvest season. The tea farm has already over 10 years in organic farming, no chemicals used.

Harvest date: 5 May 2022

Garden management: Mr Wen's teas are known for their high purity. This production was laboratory tested on a total of more than 500 pesticides, the test result is immaculate. The garden of Mr. Wen is held according to what is called "Natural Farming", the tea trees and the surrounding plants grow in symbiosis, and the tea bushes are only very rarely pruned.

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