Spring 2023 Gyokuro produced in Kirishima, Kyushu, with the Saemidori cultivar.

A very balanced Gyokuro which differs from our other Gyokuro Saemidori from Kirishima (ref 5060) by a more intense umami flavor, less roasting notes, and more vegetal.

The Saemidori cultivar is a variety of Japanese tea, specifically green tea, that has become popular in recent years. "Saemidori" is a Japanese term meaning "bright green" or "cool green".

This variety was developed by the Shizuoka Agricultural Research Center in Japan by crossing two other tea varieties, the Yabukita cultivar and the Asatsuyu cultivar. The goal was to create a variety of tea that would produce bright green leaves and deliver a smooth, umami flavor.

Saemidori is renowned for its bright green leaves, rich flavor and characteristic sweetness. It is often used to produce high quality tea, including sencha and matcha. Saemidori sencha is prized for its fresh vegetal aroma and balanced flavor, while Saemidori matcha is prized for its bright color and mild taste.

Brewing a Gyokuro:

We recommend infusing the Gyokuro in small teapots of 20cl maximum but preferably 5 to 15cl. We advise to place 3 to 4g per 5cl to modulate according to the size of your teapot. The water temperature should be around 60 degrees, and the infusion should last between 40 seconds and 1 minute maximum. You can reinfuse your leaves up to 3 times.

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