Japan - Gyokuro Hikari Saemidori - Organic Certified

This Gyokuro is produced exclusively from Okumidori tea plants, in the village of Makizono. 

OkuMidori is a cultivar particularly used to make Tencha because of its vibrant green color and sweet taste.  The leaves have an elliptical shape similar to Yabukita cultivar, but a bit smaller and tender. The meaning of Oku is “late” and the meaning of “midori” is green. Late mean that the cultivar take more time to grow and will be harvested one week or so after Yabukita. The taste of this cultivar is not astringent, really sweet and round in mouth.

Origin: Japan, Kagoshima, Kirishima, village of Makizono

Preparation: 2g par 15cl, 50 degrés, 1m30s

All our Japanese teas are imported by plane and kept in Europe in fridges at 4 degrees temperature, before being sent to our clients in a sealed doypack bag.

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