Gyokuro produced in the locality of Hioki in southern Japan in the spring of 2023. It is produced with the Okumidori cultivar. tea in Japan.

Cultivars are plants selected and developed for their specific characteristics, such as taste, aroma, disease resistance and yields. The Okumidori cultivar is known to be used primarily in the production of green tea in Japan, particularly in the Uji and Kyôto regions.

The name "Okumidori" can literally be translated as "deep green", which probably suggests the vibrant color of the tea leaves produced from this cultivar. Teas produced from this cultivar can have sweet, vegetal flavors with hints of umami, which is a characteristic flavor of Japanese green teas.

" A distinctive shaded tea full of charm "

A look at the dry leaves immediately indicates a quality tea. The leaves are quite small, precisely rolled and a beautiful glossy green. Infused, they have a fairly classic aroma, rather on cooked vegetables. The liquor is a beautiful, slightly cloudy yellow. The dominant flavor is umami, but a very fine astringency in the first infusion gives a remarkable length in the mouth. The second and third infusions produce more frank vegetal notes, carried by an almost bitter flavor, but still very pleasant. In the end, we are dealing with a superb gyokuro, easy to access, but original enough to surprise and seduce fans.

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