" A quality, fresh and versatile sencha ".

The dry leaves of this beautiful classic Japanese green tea are a very shiny green with shades more yellow for some. After the infusion, they give off powerful olfactory notes and engaging. The liquor is a beautiful green verging on yellow. A very slightly bitter flavor opens on frankly iodized and vegetal notes. The second infusion is softer and the notes become more greedy. A third infusion is possible and will bring even more sweetness. The notes become more nuanced, but a nice length in the mouth brilliantly completes this wonderful tasting!

Producer: Nobuyuki Suzuki Tea Company

Altitude: 70m

Location: Izumi, Kagoshima. Izumi has a long history of producing teas. The story goes that the tea culture originated at the Kannon Zenji temple in the city of Demizu, founded by the priest Buddhist Eisai Zenji in the 12th century.

Cultivar: Yabukita. Literally northern bamboo, this cultivar is the most widespread in Japan. From the Shizuoka Prefecture, it was identified as cultivar #6 in 1953. It quickly spread throughout in the country thanks to its resistance to cold, the rapid development of its roots, its harvests generous, and of course the quality of its leaves very suitable for the production of Sencha teas.

Harvest date: April 22, 2022

Preparation tips: Infuse this tea in a small teapot, ideally between 20 and 30cl. Place 5g leaves in the teapot, cover with slightly mineralized water heated to 70 degrees, Wait 1 minute 30 minutes seconds, and serve. The color of the liqueur is a good indicator of the level of infusion, for a perfectly infused tea, the color should be pale yellow, very translucent, slightly golden. If your liquor is strongly golden, deep yellow, your tea will be very bitter.

Garden management: Organic certified tea by Ecocert FR-BIO-01.

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