Japan – Temomi Silver Medal

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    The Temomi is a 100% handcrafted sencha just like it used to be. Temomi are produced for two occasions, either demonstrations or competitions. The one we propose, finished 2nd in the national competition of Shizuoka 2020. Here are its ratings and characteristics: Origin: Shizuoka Cultivar: Yabukita Appearance: 50 - Leaf color: 29 - Odor: 38 - Liquor color: 37 - Taste: 34 (Out of a total of 50 points per criterion) Dose of 10g kept in the refrigerator at all times. To infuse like a Gyokuro in small quantities, in a 15 to 20cl teapot or in a shiboridashi, with water at 60 degrees. Use half of the sachet for an infusion. The tea can be re-infused 5 times and the leaves can be eaten, for example with Ponzu sauce or soy sauce.


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