Sencha Nihoncha Kobayashi Certifié BIO

Sencha Nihoncha Kobayashi Certifié BIO

This 2022 first harvest sencha is excellent value for money. It is quite classic with very balanced vegetal flavors.

Producer: Seigen Seicha

Altitude: 350m

Place of production: Kobayashi, Miyazaki. There are around 75 natural springs in the city and nature rules here. With this excellent quality water, producers strive to produce exceptional teas. Miyazaki Prefecture ranks fourth in Japan in terms of raw tea production, and it is one of the regions that focuses on organic tea production. Tea produced in this region is characterized by a slightly stronger taste, with a sweetness in astringency.

Cultivar: Different cultivars are used with the predominance of Yabukita

Harvest date: End of April, beginning of May

Preparation advice: Infuse this tea in a small teapot, ideally between 20 and 30cl. Place 5g of leaves in the teapot, cover with lightly mineralized water heated between 70 and 80 degrees, wait about 40 seconds, and serve. The way of serving is important, you have to pour 2cl, return to a horizontal position, then 2cl, etc... This allows the tea to be stirred in the teapot and allows a better diffusion of the flavors. This also promotes congestion-free service.

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  • 100g
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