India - Rohini Hand Crafted Spring Oolong – First Flush 2020

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    This Darjeeling first flush oolong tea is a result of years of research and is a completely new style of production. What stands out is the depth and quantum of flavor. If you look at the dry leaf and the infusion it is not as green as the other normal first flushes. To enhance the flavor in the tea we have oxidized for several rounds by hand to achieve the desired level of oxidation. The tea is then fixed and rolled and dried at low temperatures for a longer duration. The tea tastes fresh and lively with a refined fruity flavor topped with a mouthful spring flavor and finish of peaches and wildflowers.

    The tea bushes are grown and harvested at an elevation between 1500-3000 feet. The bushes are fresh as they have just come out of an extended period of remaining inactive cause of the prolonged winters of almost about 3 months from the month of November to January. The low temperature experienced during winters has given a very well defined character to the tea.

    This tea is made from the best quality P-157 clones which is one of the best clones planted in Darjeeling. The dry leaves are bright green in appearance and consist of two whole leaves and a bud. The teas are very mildly oxidized and are delicately processed to induce minimal damage. All oxidation done is overnight and natural with nothing being induced vigorously.

    Source: Gopaldhara plantation


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