India - Rohini Rare Bai Cha White – First Flush White Tea 2020

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    Bai Cha White is made from the rare and special quality Bhime clones. The leaves are freshly plucked in January 2020. The leaves mostly comprise of single leaf and a bud. Of all the tea families, white tea undergoes the least manufacturing process making it one of the most delicate teas. They just undergo two processes – withering & drying. The teas are gently rolled so that they don’t break which allows them to open up by the pot when they are brewed. The dry leaf appears to be greenish-black in color. The infused leaf also has a distinctive fragrance.

    The tea brews into bright green colored liquor with a balance of sweet & vegetal flavor. The teas are very smooth and the whole leaf is completely retained.

    Source: Gopaldhara plantation


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