Sencha from Hioki in southern Japan and harvested in spring 2023. It was shaded a few days before harvest, by putting shading nets on the leaves like many sencha from southern Japan.

The Saekari cultivar is a variety of tea plant (Camellia sinensis) which was developed in Japan in 2012. It is currently growing in popularity with farmers thanks to its beautiful intense green color, its balanced flavors, and its resistance to cold. It takes its name Saekari from its origins, in fact, it comes from the crossing of saemidori tea plants, quality tea plants with umami and vegetal flavors, with other cultivars. The 2nd part of its name comes from the word Hikari, meaning light, it is so named for its appetite for the sun, and also the color and shine of its leaves.

Infusion advice: Water at 70 degrees, 1.5g per 10cl, 1 to 2 minutes of infusion

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