Sencha harvested in spring 2023 in Kagoshima in southern Japan. It was produced with the Asanoka cultivar. It was shaded 2 to 3 days before harvesting which gives it umami flavors.

The Asanoka tea cultivar is a specific variety of tea developed in Japan. It is mainly grown in Miyazaki prefecture, located in the Kyushu region. The Asanoka cultivar is renowned for producing excellent quality tea leaves.

Asanoka tea leaves are relatively large and have a slightly curved shape. They are usually harvested and processed into Japanese green tea. Asanoka tea is appreciated for its mild and refreshing taste, with slightly sweet and vegetal notes. It is also known for its low astringency content, which makes it pleasant to drink.

Infusion advice: 70 degrees, 1mn 30s, 1.5g per 10cl

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