Fukamushi Sencha medium steam produced in April 2023 in Kirishima in Kagoshima prefecture in southern Japan. This tea is produced with the saemidori cultivar, a type of tea plant that produces leaves with round and umami flavors.

The Cultivar:

Saemidori is a Japanese green tea cultivar. It was developed and registered in Japan in 1990. "Saemidori" literally means "fresh green", which reflects the bright, fresh color of the leaves of this cultivar.

Saemidori is mainly used to produce high quality tea, including sencha and gyokuro. It is appreciated for its fresh aroma, mild flavor and pronounced vegetal character. The leaves of Saemidori are a bright, shiny green, which visually distinguishes them from other tea cultivars.

This cultivar is grown in different regions of Japan, but it is particularly associated with Kagoshima Prefecture, where it is widely grown. Kagoshima's climatic conditions, with its abundant sunshine and rich soils, are favorable for the cultivation of Saemidori.

Due to its delicate flavor and growing popularity, Saemidori has become one of the most popular Japanese green tea cultivars both in Japan and abroad.

What is a Fukamushi:

Fukamushi Sencha is a specific variety of Japanese green tea. "Fukamushi" literally means "deep steam tea" in Japanese, which refers to the particular processing method used to produce this type of tea.

The process of making Fukamushi Sencha is similar to other Japanese green teas, but with a longer steaming stage. Tea leaves are steamed for a longer time than other green teas, usually twice as long. This has the effect of softening the leaves and making them more crumbly. As a result, the leaves are often smaller and more fragmented compared to other sencha varieties.

Fukamushi Sencha has a characteristic appearance with smaller, more broken leaves. The infusion obtained is generally denser and darker in color compared to other Japanese green teas. In terms of taste, Fukamushi Sencha is often described as having a deeper, richer flavor with a slight bitterness and pleasant sweetness. The infusion is usually bright green and has a thicker texture due to the finer particles of the leaves.

Fukamushi Sencha is popular in Japan and is also exported around the world. It is often valued for its intense flavor and its ability to quickly extract nutrients from tea due to the longer steaming time.

How to brew a Fukamushi:

We recommend using a Japanese Kyusu teapot, preferably with a fine, stainless steel grid, although a ceramic grid can also be used. Weakly mineralized water must be brought to a temperature of 70 degrees, 6g of leaves per 35cl approximately, with an infusion of approximately 45 seconds.

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